Like , one day I am smoking weed and trying to remove the smell of it from my car and the next day the weed smell is gone and I am married. WTF!!  Wow is all i can say. One day i am fishing, hunting and living the good life as a bachelor, plus living in the same house for 15 years and the next moment i have moved house and got married and have a roomful of wedding gifts and a wife lying next to me in the morning. How the worm has turned!!
Life goes so fast and it is incredible to think that getting married and having a large number of groomsmen there plus my wifes bridesmaids and the family can cost $20,000. Where does the time go and where does the money go. Its insane
Did we eat that much, did we really need the limousines, the special wedding dress that would feed 30 villages in africa for a month.

OMG that is  a big job but we did have a great company to help us shifting house but the most difficult part was trying to agree on a house to buy first that we both loved, My old house that i relocated was enough for me. yes sure the plumbing was a bit poor but it was home. the day the moving truck arrived at our place was the day the reality set in. it was enormous and i thought what am i going to put in it?

we had heaps of groomsmen gifts ready for the big day (we had 12 groomsmen) and also flowers for the bridesmaid, presents for the bridesmaid. Fortunately none of us got the flu on the day which is fortuitous being that  the bridal team had plenty of sniffles in rehearsal

My wife sally looked radiant and was so excited about the wedding day but moving house first was a wrong move
It caused a lot of stress and meant that the wedding preparations were delayed again and the gifts had to be stored over and over. Great when you are trying to move house to have 30 gifts sitting in the garage getting moisture damage. She has just purchased a massive bathroom mirror which was damaged by mold and water but we were able to get it fixed sort of. She opted to get a new bathroom mirror yea!!!

Anyway here we are and she is lying next to me now fast asleep and looking beautiful. perhaps I am the luckiest man in the world and i have the perfect wife, the perfect house and a lovely family

So all you guys out there take it from me, it is time to settle down and to lead a life that involves having clean sheets, a clean house, an outside dog, and whats more a life that is caring and forgiving. Welcome to marriage 101. Comment below if you want to

The day the groomsmen gifts arrived